Beyond Boundaries brings the very best of personal & professional leadership development & team theory and combines it with well designed scenarios that act as experience neutral events for individuals and teams to exercise the ways they work together.

We are skilled and experienced in co-creating, designing & running complex, challenging & engaging, high quality events. Our aim is to help break down silo-thinking with the purpose of nurturing & exercising collaborative, agile and attuned teams who bring health, fitness & resilience back into business.

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Our emphasis is on enquiring into the questions that lie at the heart of organisations and designing tailor made experiences to help explore what possibilities lie beyond.

We cover all aspects of design, research, planning, organising, and delivering impactful developmental experiences. 

We excel in taking company teams on transformative journeys beyond their boundaries to explore their hidden potential.

Our specialities include Coaching, Facilitation, Emotional Intelligence and Personality Profiling.

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“ What’s the one truth you really want to speak to your team today ? “

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  • Experience the power of sharply focused direction in effecting success in an increasingly changing and challenging environment,

  • Come away uniquely energised, individually and collectively,

  • Build your collective confidence and trust both as individuals and team members,

  • Take the opportunity to flex different leadership styles,

  • Learn more about each other, about leadership and teamwork,

  • Utilise the opportunity to consciously flex style in a neutral working environment,

  • Take the chance to re-energise, refresh & realign ways of working together,

  • Develop a platform for understanding how you respond and adapt to the reality of risk uncertainty, anxiety and fear in a team situation,

  • Develop mutual support and trust amongst your group to carry forward  united as a ‘learning team’.

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We are based in the South West of England, are well connected and can travel far & wide.